Why Choose

The Way Institute?

Message from William A Van Horn, MD


The Way Institute is founded for individuals and families who want extensive and personalized direct care from the medical doctor in an environment promoting a Christian experience. Nationally, the model we are offering does not exist outside of our small private practice.

My inspiration to open our program is both personal and professional.

Unfortunately, I have family members who suffer from emotional trauma and other neuropsychiatric issue and are unable to receive the depth of care necessary for true healing and restoration. Professionally, I have successfully treated thousands of people with medications and, at times, had the privilege of the responsibility of therapy as well. After thirty years of medical practice,  my greatest professional enjoyment and satisfaction are experienced caring for all aspects of the client's needs: medical, emotional, relational, and spiritual. 

If you or your family member choose The Way Institute, you will receive excellence in neuropsychiatric medical care combined with a validated Christian-based emotional healing process and will have the opportunity for true healing and restoration